Audio mastering

Numerous original tracks and remixes mastered and produced by CFR Studio were supported by Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Judge Jules and dozens of other fine DJs in their gigs and radioshows.

Audio mastering is an essential step of audio processing to make your productions ready for record labels, dance clubs, radio broadcasting etc. It also makes your tunes sound bigger, brighter and the same way on all media devices. Depending on the source material that you send to us our audio mastering process may involve using equalization, compression, limiting, saturation, audio maximization and other sound processing tools necessary to highlight your sound.

We offer a high quality audio mastering services of full extended tracks as well as songs and whole music albums for a decent price. You will get your mixdown mastered in just a few days and we do not! offer ‘a couple of hours’ mastering as such a quick process will not give you the best results and more likely you wouldn’t be satisfied with it. Album mastering process should take a bit more time depending on the quality of source material, music style and our workload as this process requires more attention to details.

How to prepare your final mix for audio mastering

  • 1. Adjust the overall volume of your mix to -6 dB and make sure that audio signal peaks do not go over -3 dB on your master level meter
  • 2. Make sure you have no limiter or compressor plug-ins on your master channel that drastically change the sound dynamics of your final mix
  • 3. Render your project to WAV or AIFF file format with no less than 44 100 Khz, 24 bit sound resolution and then send it to us :)

Track mastering

Stem mastering

DJ Mix mastering

Audio mastering samples

Below is a short list of samples of our audio mastering and mixing works which clients allowed us to post here. All samples are downloadable so you could check them out in a better quality or compare in your favorite sound editor.

By ordering our audio mastering services you get

  • free audio mixing advice if necessary to better prepare your productions for mastering process
  • free revisions of finished audio master until you are satisfied with the result
  • 20% discount if you order audio mastering of 5 or more tracks which makes our price unbeatable

Audio Mastering Prices

We keep prices for our clients as low as possible while taking care of delivering high quality services for the EDM scene. Also, you can get a 20% discount when order more than 5 tracks for mastering.

Track / Song Mastering


  • Label / radio submission ready
  • Output in your chosen format
  • Save 20% when order 5 or more
  • Pay after you are satisfied

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Mix compilation mastering


  • Unlimited recording duration
  • Ready for radio broadcasting
  • Output in your chosen format
  • Save 20% when order 3 or more
  • Pay after you are satisfied

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